Biodiversity Update – Wildflower Meadow and Other Stories

It has been a difficult 18 months for us all and many of the plans the Biodiversity Team had were either cancelled or postponed. However we hope that everyone was impressed with the outcome of the Wildflower and Nature Meadow planting this year.

This is how we started – marking out areas for plants to go in. We received funding from three local councillors and the Two Rivers Eco Fund to help us purchased a number of plants. The plan was originally to work with local Cubs, Beavers, schools and volunteers to grow from seed but we had to change our plans with lockdown issues.

Eventually all was planted by the Biodiversity Team and other volunteers and hopefully you have seen the results over the past couple of months.

We plan to continue this annually and next year will again invite the local community to grow our plants from seed.

It’s worth mentioning a couple of activities we arranged in previous years

Bluebell Wood

We invited the public to come along and plant 1000s of bluebells and snowdrops amongst the trees in the woodland area. It was a great day with lots of fun, and lots of cake!

Although we saw some of these flower this spring, it’ll take a few years for the bluebell carpet to become established!

Crocus River

Working with Staines Rotary group we invited everyone to help plant a river of purple crocus bulbs in recognition of Rotary’s ’Purple for Polio’ campaign. More cake and fun that day too! Watch out in early spring for the lovely river of crocuses to erupt in the middle of the train track.

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