We’re a Bees’ Needs Champions Award winner!

We are champions! Our Biodiversity’s Nature and Wildflower Meadow has been selected as a winner of a 2021 Bees’ Needs Champions Award, in the Local Authority and Community category. This is a National Award for a project that aims to help pollinators and the environment.

The judging panel was very impressed by the calibre of all the applications, but our efforts stood out as being particularly impressive.

Rebecca Pow MP, Under Secretary of State in DEFRA confirmed our win in this letter.

You can also watch a short video message of congratulations from Minister Pow, and view the other winners of the awards on our website, by clicking here.

‘Over 97% of the UK’s wildflower meadows have been lost since the 1930s. The effect on the numbers of pollinators has been dramatic,’ says Janet Redij-Gill, co-lead of the SPRA Bio team. ‘We’re hoping that our efforts will result in hearing and seeing more bumblebees lazily buzzing and bumbling about on sunny afternoons, more butterflies fluttering by, and more wildflowers to stop and admire.’

During the summer of 2021 the meadow was indeed full of native wildflowers, chosen specifically for their benefits to bees, butterflies and moths. Long grasses were kept too, serving as essential habitat for all sorts of invertebrates and as foodplants for caterpillars. 

Fellow team leader Sharon Morris-Mottasher added, ‘we very much appreciate the support we’ve had working with Spelthorne Borough Council, and the donations and grants that we’ve received that enabled us to do this work. We’ve got lots more to do so if you’re looking to join a small and friendly group of dedicated volunteers please email us here – we’d love to hear from you.’

We hope to be installing our winner’s plaque in Staines Park soon!

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