We’re Looking for Committee Members!

Do you love Staines Park? Would you like to see more investment in facilities, have a hand in protecting and enhancing our wildlife and seeing more events in the park?

If this sounds like something you would enjoy being involved with, whether it be as a dog walker, keen environmentalist, parent or you love exercising there, we would love to have you join.

We go into our next AGM as a residents association having had a mixed couple of years due to the pandemic. Some areas such as biodiversity have positively bloomed but the other areas such as fundraising, youth engagement and social events have not had a chance to progress as we would like.

We are currently looking to regain momentum going into 2023 and are looking for people who have some time to devote to the Committee and can help drive SPRA forwards. We are looking to have core roles and support so that with the current climate we don’t lose momentum and everyone can feel supported in their positions.

We are also looking for people who would just like to get involved as general committee members. You can directly influence the work of the Association through whatever role you take. However, we are looking specifically to fill Vice Chair, Membership Secretary and Treasurer roles.

We would need your application by the 31st August, so that we can prepare for our AGM a few weeks afterward.

To express your interest in joining the committee, please complete the form by clicking here.

All Committee members must also be Association Members and the current pricing for this is only £3 per person, although this will be reviewed at the AGM.

If you need a paper copy of any of this information or the forms, please email our Treasurer here.

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