A key sub-committee of our Residents Association is the Biodiversity Team.

We are a friendly and dedicated group of volunteers working to improve the ecology and biodiversity within Staines Park. 

Our aim

Staines Park has an incredible and as yet largely untapped potential when it comes to biodiversity. Within its boundaries are habitats of meadow, woodland, long grasses, a pond and stream, as well as the more traditional ornamental planting. All these habitats can benefit from careful management, leading to increases in both quantity and diversity of flora and fauna. 

Education and Fun

You can learn so much from our park. Take a look at the wildflowers in the meadow and see if you can spot them when out in the countryside. Spot the butterflies and the different types of bees. Watch out for the bats and listen for the birds. As Staines Park is close to several schools we hope to provide information to them to share with their students.

Community Involvement

Students, scouts, cubs, beavers, and the general public have all been invited to take part in previous SPRA Bio projects. We hope there will be many more events going forwards and plans are already afoot.   

This year we planned to work with local Cubs, Beavers, schools and volunteers to grow wildflowers from seed and to plant them in the meadow, but Covid restrictions put a stop to that and it had to be carried out by the Biodiveristy Team themselves. However next year we plan to engage the whole community in this project!

Join Us

We have much to do and so many projects – all I can say is Watch this Space for future announcements! Become a member of SPRA and join our team, we’re always on the lookout for new volunteers who want to come along and get stuck into some of the conservation work in Staines Park.

Please get in touch with the team by emailing us here.

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