Our Park

Staines Park (sometimes known as Commercial Road Park) is 11½ acres of mixed parkland just east of central Staines in north Surrey. Popular with local residents, children, dog walkers and those looking to socialise or keep fit, it is a hub for many activities.

Since September 2019, Staines Park has been protected by Fields in Trust (FiT). FiT works in partnership with landowners (in this case, Spelthorne Borough Council) to protect land through a Deed of Dedication, a binding legal commitment with the landowner which secures spaces in perpetuity for current and future generations to enjoy. This means there can be no development on Staines Park without the approval of FiT and there are a number of developments which are not permitted. Staines Park Residents Association was formed from a campaign group that fought to achieve FiT protection. More details on how our park is protected and the work of FiT can be found here.

Our park has a number of different areas which are free to use and enjoy. These include a large children’s playground, fitness trail (installed via a kind donation from the London Marathon Charitable Trust), tennis and basketball courts, wild wood, stream and a large expanse of open space for dog walking, exercise and games.

Staines Bowling Club is situated right in the middle of our park in a wonderful setting surrounded by well maintained shrubs and trees. They welcome all those looking for competitive activity, gentle exercise and socialising. They also have a good function room with bar available for hire – many SPRA meetings are held here. Please take a look at their website.

Staines Society of Model Engineers run trains on a large stretch of track on selected Sundays. Do check out their website and come along on a ‘running day’ to join in the fun. They are always looking for volunteers and enthusiasts to join.

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